Today I am linking up with 2 Great Thursday Parties.


Please visit Doni, who is the hostess for this great party, and all of the others showing off their lace @ Faith, Grace and Crafts!
And if you have some lace and pearls of your own that you would like to share, please join us!

Today I am going to share with you Lace that I have in my Living Room!

This is one of the Dolls in my Collection. She is dressed in a pretty dress that has some beautiful lace trim on it!

You can see in this photo below, a pretty lace pillow which was a yard sale find.

And the lace table cloth on the table matches the Peach Lace Curtains on my window.

I have a lace topper with Victorian style fringe on the table also. Yes, that is the cord from my air conditioner!!

This is the top of the table. To see the curtains, please scroll down to my Tea Time Tuesday post and there is a photo at the end of that post.

This table is on the other side of the window. It was given to me by my MIL.

The lace doilies on all 3 shelves were bought at Victorian Days in Belvidere, N.J.

You can see the table scarf that I have on my Entertainment center. It has the Victorian style fringe. I bought several of these on Ebay.

This is the top of my Entertainment Center.

I have lace just about every where in my home!

This is Joe, my hubby's , grandmother's hutch. The lace scarves I used on the shelves inside of it are also from Ebay.

This photo is from the stairs looking down on the top of the hutch.

Another scarf like the one on the Entertainment Center.

And of course, Peach lace swags on my Front door.

By the way, it is a metal door that I did a faux treatment on to look like wood. And the outside of the door is painted Black to match the shutters on my house!

And now on to the other party that I am linking up to today.

Please visit Leigh @ Tales from Bloggeritaville for THRIFTY THURSDAY!!

Today was the once a month Half Price sale at our local Volunteers of America Thrift Store. It is held on the last Wednesday of every month.

It was really crowded today and hard to get through the aisles. It was a good thing that I scouted it out on Saturday!!

Below is what I bought for $10.25!! The prices you see on the items were the original prices which I think are still pretty low.

Not bad for $10.25, huh?

The silver tray was $2.92( original price). The white paint is drying on it as I post this!! LOL!!

Those cute busts were 90 cents each, the tea cup and saucer was $1.20 and the Moss Rose creamer and perfume bottle without the stopper were 90 cents each.

Those are Liberty blue bowls and were also 90 cents each.

Then you deducted half off those prices!

The tissue Box cover was $1.91. The apron pattern was 30 cents and the sweet figurines were $1.31 a piece!
Those were the original prices!

The wood tray was $2.00 and you can see the gloves were $1.99.

Now you know I will be painting that tray and dabbling a bit with it! LOL!!

Then I decided to stop at Salvation Army on the way home. After all, it is on the way home!

And this is what I bought there.

The sweet little dress which has the hat still attached (brand new) was half price and cost $1.00. I will be looking for a Teddy Bear to put this cute little dress on!

The platter was 99 cents. I will hang it on a wall in my Guest Room.

And $4.99 is a bit more than I wanted to pay for this wooden tea pot but then I thought to myself, "How many times are you going to see a wooden tea pot?"

It is about 12 inches tall so I think it was worth it.

Now you know that I will be painting it pink. of course! And adding some embellishments to it!

I think I did pretty good! I sure had fun!!

See you on Saturday for the 2 year celebration of PINK SATURDAY over at Beverly's How Sweet The Sound!!

Thanks for stopping by today and everyday that you take the time to visit me!!


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