Remembering 9/11.....

 Remembering 9/11...........
 Let us take a minute to remember all of those who lost their lives on September 11, 2001.

 I am sure we all remember what we were doing when we first heard of this horrific attack on the United States.

 It is hard to believe that 13 years have passed since that tragic day, as it seems like only yesterday.

 I live within a 2 hour drive of NYC and yes, there were some local people who worked in the Trade Center Towers who lost their lives. Our prayers are with the families of all of those that were directly affected that day.

I have the privilege of being able to tell you that I actually visited the World Trade Center and ate at Windows of the World , the restaurant on the top floor of one of the Towers.
When I graduated from Nursing School, a Diploma School, not a College, my entire class went on a trip to NYC. We saw Grease on Broadway and then had dinner at the World Trade Center.
  For a 20 year old girl who had never traveled farther than the Jersey Shore, it was one of the greatest experiences of my life and I will NEVER forget it!
We will NEVER forget those that were lost to us that day and our prayers are always for them and their

Let us PRAY that nothing like this will ever happen again on American Soil.......


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