Happy Pink Saturday!

Sorry I am late in getting my Pink Saturday Post up but I have a good reason....

Yep, That is my right hand! I had my wrist and fingers twisted while assisting a patient get out of bed. Didn't think anything of it until the next day when my hand was swollen like a balloon.
I had Xrays and it is not fractured but it is a severe sprain with tissue damage causing a lot of swelling and pain. So I have to wear the splint and ace wrap until I go back to the Dr. on Monday morning and then they will determine if I can return to work.

So this will be short as I am right handed and having a heck of a time! LOL!

I am going to show you some things that I recently made...

This set I made for a Theme basket that I will be donating to be raffled of at our church festival next weekend. I will add some bath products and a few more goodies and all will be wrapped up in a nice round wicker basket with a handle. We chance off 50 theme baskets every year at this event.

Next is a wreath I made to go into my booth in celebration of Christmas in July.

And a heart shaped plaque

A heart shaped Christmas Plaque

And another Victorian style plaque

And some ornaments......
Sorry there is a glare

Here is a photo of my now fully stocked booth...

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Thanks for stopping by today and every day that you take the time to visit me !


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