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Yes, this is my PINK SATURDAY post and yes, I know it is Friday. I have to post early this week because of my work schedule. I was off last night but I am working Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights this weekend and will be off Monday and Tuesday nights next week! I LIVE for my days off!!
I will most likely be making my Pink Saturday rounds into next week so I may be a bit late but I promise I will visit all of you!

When my youngest son moved out last October 30, I made his room into a Guest Room. It was a Hurry Up and Throw Together room because I usually start my Christmas Decorating November 1st.
I have been adding and subtracting things to this room ever since because I had no real idea of what I wanted for this room.
It is painted a nice sunny yellow with pink accents, of course!!
I originally had one of my outdoor wicker chairs in there over the winter but now that the chair has since moved outside, I needed a chair.

I have always loved bistro chairs so when I visited Salvation Army last week and saw this chair.....

I just had to have it! It was $8.00 and I would have liked to have paid less because I am very cheap but bistro chairs are hard to come by in my neck of the woods!

Now I realize that you had to have a vision when you looked at this chair and needless to say, I did get some pretty interesting glances from the other people in the check out line. The fabric was a cheap vinyl and WOW, what awful colors!!

Here it is getting a new start in life!! I just LOVE spray paint and this is Valspar Cameo Pink!! I LOVE that name!!

After spray painting it, I realized I had just the fabric. A nice tablecloth that I used for fabric for some of my Victorian Style Crafts that I do.

After pulling out about a million staples, I reupholstered the cushions . And yes, I DID IT and not my hubby!! I am a carpenter's daughter , after all!!

Drum roll...............please!

And here is my new chair!!!

I think you will agree that it is quite a makeover!!

The colors in the tablecloth that I used have the pink and the yellow in it and it matches the room beautifully!!

Now I would like to find another bistro chair........doesn't have to be the same kind. In fact, I think a different one would be more interesting. And then I will add a small round table between them and have my little tea table !! This room has become known as my B&B room among my friends.

So what do you think of my little chair????? I wish those people who looked at me so funny in the check out line at Salvation Army could see it now!!!

I just want to show you a bowl that my MIL gave me. It was her mother's, my hubby's grandmother's. I loved the very Marie looking figures in the center!! It found a home in the Guest (B&B) Room!!!

Now onto a very easy lamp shade redo. A sweet little girl's tulle skirt was donated to my church flea market. It must have been part of a Halloween costume and had an elastic waist........

Perfect to fit over a lamp shade!!!

I tried to take a pic but it did not come out but if you look on your left of the above pic, you can see a shiny white line on the skirt. It is actually one of a few fiberoptic stems!! There is a little battery pack tucked into the waistline and the little skirt lights up!!!

I couldn't get a good pic of it lit up! Sorry!

Now I decided to show you some pics of my very small back yard. Some of my perennials are starting to pop up even though we had a frost advisory last night. My entire lot is 20' x 80' and that is with my house on it. Remember, I live in a townhouse!

I always say that my yard is the size of a postage stamp............hubby is a mail man!! Get the pun?????

We got rid of the grass a long time ago since it was too small to mow.....

Ignore the back against the fence. We have to move the rocks closer to the fence and add the rest of the red mulch........

One of my lilac trees are starting to bloom.......

The other one is a bit behind in blooming.......

Please visit me again on Tuesday for Tea Time Tuesday and Tea Cup Tuesday to see more of my Guest Room!!

Well, I think I have taken up enough of your time.

Please visit Beverly @ How Sweet The Sound , who is our wonderful hostess for PINK SATURDAY!! And also please visit all of the other participants in PINK SATURDAY!!

Thanks for stopping by today and everyday that you take the time to visit me!!


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