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I decided to change things up a bit and changed my header and the background for my blog! What do all of you think??

Below is a simple lamp shade in my Craft Room that I had started to embellish

I finally finished it and now it reflects my Shabby Victorian style

I love to use cameos!

Below is a chair that my Hubby bought at a church flea market for $5.00. I have 2 of these. They were used up on the altar for the priests and altar servers to sit on during Mass

I decided to use one of them in my Craft Room to sit at when I am working on my Crafts at my Crafting table. Since my Craft Room is done in a Shabby Chic look, I had to pretty it up a bit. If you missed the post on my Craft Room, you can click on the pic on the side bar to the right to see a photo album of my Craft Room.

Here is the chair all finished. I painted it white and then added a touch of pink. The idea for the little skirt underneath the chair comes from something I saw on Angelic Accents. Thanks for the great idea, Stephanie! I used a dust ruffle that I bought at a Thrift Store for $1.99 and cut it and stapled it to the bottom of the chair.

Then I decided to do a bit of a collage on the back of the chair because where I have it in the room, the back is what you will see when you walk in. I also reupholstered the seat.

The Victorian girls in the center was a gift bag.

The rest of the images were cut out of an old Cynthia Hart Calendar.

So that is my whimsical Craft Room chair!!

The other chair is being used at my Hubby's desk in the alcove in our bedroom where his Pittsburgh Penguins/Steelers shrine is! I plan on painting the chair black, reupholstering the seat in gold and adding a collage of Penguins and Steelers pics on the back.

Update on son and doggie..... All are well. Thanks for all your well wishes!!

Thanks for stopping by today and everyday that you take to time to visit me!!


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