My Dad, one month before he passed away

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I am posting this early for Pink Saturday because today, on Feb. 26th, it has been 23 years since my Father has been missing from my life. I dedicate this post to him because he is my Guardian Angel. I started to collect Angels after he passed away and you will see , in this post, some of my collection that I have on display throughout our home.

I was just 29 years old and my sons were only 3 and 5 years old when my Father died suddenly at the age of 67 from a massive heart attack.

I am proud to say that I am a Carpenter's daughter. After WWII, my Dad went to GI school. There he learned carpentry, electrical, plumbing, cabinet making and upholstery. He built the 2 homes that I lived in before I got married.

Unfortunately, my sons would never benefit from his vast knowledge. Sadly, Jim, my younger son, has no memory of him. Joey, my oldest, has one memory and it is so typical of who my dad was. He remembers my Dad lying on the floor , playing with him. I am so grateful that this is how he remembers him.

I learned so much from my Dad. Here are a few things:

How to upholster my Dining Room chairs
How to use a roller the right way when painting
How to put up wall paper border

How to spackle the holes in my dry wall so he would not have to come up every time I decided to change my Wall Art around, even though I know he would have jumped at the chance just to visit with me

How to stain furniture
How to plant flowers and shrubs

How to lay a brick walkway
How NOT to step in a paint can

How to decorate for Christmas. You see, it was my Father who could not wait to bring the Christmas decorations up from the basement.

And one of the most important things he taught me was to NEVER let anybody use you as a door mat

He taught me kindness , compassion and understanding. I always said that if my Dad could drive me to the Moon, he would. He drove me and all of my friends everywhere I ever asked him to take us and NEVER complained about it. I made sure I did the same for my own sons and their friends.

I was his Debbie Webbie. When he called me Deborah, I knew he meant business. But that was not too often. He was the teddy bear in the family.

Mitch Album , one of my favorite authors, posed the question in his book " For One More Day", What would you do if you could spend one more day with a loved one? That day would be spent with my Father, just talking.

I started this post by saying that it has been 23 years since my Dad has been missing from my life. I was WRONG! Not a day goes by that I do not think of him.

I hear him saying "That a girl!" when I finish a project in my home. I see him smiling with that tear in his eye when either my sons or I accomplish a particular goal. I have felt his presence watching over me for these 23 years , keeping me safe, keeping me happy.
I carry him with me in my heart and he is with me forever. He is MY GUARDIAN ANGEL.
I miss you, Daddy!

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