My First Pink Saturday Post

My First Pink Saturday Post!

Nelson Crest decorated for Christmas

I am so excited to finally be able to participate in Pink Saturday as I have been following it for some time now.
I would like to offer all of you Photos of my Childhood Dream.....a Victorian Doll House. I have always wanted one but never had one as a child. A year and a half ago my dream came true. 4 years ago, my hubby bought me the Doll House Kit as a birthday present and I entertained the thought that I would actually have the time to build it myself! Keep in mind that I do work full time night shift!!! A wonderful man, Roy Nelson, offered to build my doll house for me. He belonged to my church and he was a patient of mine several times. He built over 20 doll houses in his life time. At 87 years old, he made my dream come true. He died shortly thereafter of lung cancer at the age of 88 years old. I have named my "Painted Lady" Nelson Crest in honor of him and the "family" that lives there are "The Nelson's". My Doll House proves that you are never too old to play with dolls!!!!

This is the interior of my Doll House. Many items including furniture sets came from A.C. Moore's and other speciality items were purchased on Ebay

This is the Parlor all decked out for Christmas. I made the pink Christmas tree

Inside the Dining Room is a vintage gold bottle brush tree that came from my parent's collection of Christmas decorations.
Now for the Master Bedroom. I was so excited when I recieved the hat, the umbrella and the shoes from Ebay. After all, a lady needs her accessories!
This is the little girl's room. I did a girl's room because I have two sons. My room was lavender as a child and I really do not have a room decorated in that color in my own home so that is why I chose this color.

Of course, this is the bathroom.

And the Music Room.

This is my perfect house. It has NO KITCHEN!!!! LOL!! I know how to cook but I do not enjoy it and wish I did not have to. Now that we are "Empty Nesters", I am really getting away without a lot of cooking! Yippee!

Well, that was my first Pink Saturday Post. Thanks for stopping by and please visit Beverly at How Sweet The Sound for more Pink Saturday Posting.


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