Crafting, More Snow and THANK YOU!!!!!!!

 I have been telling you for the past few weeks that I have been working on organizing and re-arranging my Craft Room.

I have been going through all my supplies and "discovering" things that I have forgotten about!!

I bought Grab Bags at Micheals last year after Valentine's Day.

Did you know that after every holiday when items pertaining to that Holiday do not sell at 90% off , they make up Grab Bags for $3.00 each!!

4 of these plaques were in one of the grab bags I bought...........
I thought about what I could do with these since I did not really care for them........
So I pulled off the fabric part........
I had bought these pot holders at Dollar Tree for , of course, $1.00 each!!
I cut off the trim to decrease the size of the pot holder.......
The pot holder layers came apart so I glued the bottom half to the plaque.......
Then the piece of fabric with the rooster on it, followed by some trims and a few red rose ribbon flowers........
I repeated this same process on another plaque.....
See where I hung them??????
I am really liking them!!
I plan on painting the other 2 plaques and doing something a bit different with them so stay tuned for this future project!!

I realized that I have a lot of trims and gimp........

You may remember that I embellished another lamp shade with some of those trims......
If you missed it, please click HERE.......

This is a lamp that I have out in the Den.......
I decided that I was going to Dabble with it a bit........
I added beads, trims, ribbon roses and bows.......
You know I am a Victorian Soul........
I am happy with the outcome!!
I have also dabbled with several similar lamp shades in our bedroom that  I will be sharing with all of you soon......

Well, March is finally here but there are no signs of Spring in sight for us here in NEPA!!!

For the 2nd part of this post,I took these photos on Monday morning, March 2, after yet, more snow had fallen!!!!
Definitely NO SIGNS of SPRING HERE!!!!!

And snow and ice and some rain are predicted all week but at least temps. are supposed to be higher than the teens !!

And for the 3rd part of this post, I want to say THANK YOU to all who took the time to comment on my post........
57 Shades of Gray!!

If you missed this post, it was about my decision to Go Natural, meaning let my hair go gray!!

THANK YOU for all your encouragement and kind words and sharing your own stories about your decisions to Age Gracefully!!

56 comments and counting!! WOWZA!!!

I understand that many may have not agreed with my decision and chose to be polite and not comment and that is their opinion and they are welcome to it!!

If you all knew me personally, you would know that I never much cared what other people think about Me and What I do!!

And I have always chosen to go against the grain!!

One Blogger did comment about not understanding "Why I would do such a thing"....

And I thought I would share my comment back to her because it actually does explain my decision to go Gray a bit better.....

Here is my comment to her......

 Why did I do this?
Working full time night shift as an RN leaves me with very little time plus all the time I spend volunteering at my church. To sit for 4 hours each time I have it colored is time that I can spend doing something else more worth while. Plus as the major bread winner ( husband is a letter carrier for the Post Office), I will be going part time at the end of the year due to health issues and I am looking for ways to save money. Since coloring my hair costs me about $150 every 3 months, I thought this would be one way to save money. So I am choosing to age gracefully and not try to look younger than my 57 years with 37 of those years working full time......And I have learned that there are more important things in life than getting hung up on my age and looks!!
Have a great day!!

What have a learned from this decision now that I am a few weeks into it.......

My hair is healthier

My hair has more shine to it

I am not bothered by it or self conscious about it at all!!

It has been quite liberating!!

AND it was the RIGHT decision for me and that is all that really matters , right????

Sue , over at Impromptu Home, did a similar post!
 Click HERE to read it and please leave a comment and tell her I sent you on over!!
Doesn't she look great!!

If anyone else does a post on Aging Gracefully , please let me know so I can give you a Shout Out!!!

Thanks again for all of you who chose to leave a comment on this post!!  And who always take the time out of your busy day to comment!! I so appreciate it!!

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