After Christmas Sales------ Everyday things!!

Hello and Happy New Year to everyone!!

I am back to posting here on my regular blog since the Christmas Season has ended.......
 If you missed my post on what Christmas things I bought at the After Christmas Sales, please click HERE

You may remember that we got rid of a big stereo system that sat in the corner of the Dining Room to make room for a curio to be put there......
 This left me with a lot of CD's and only a portable CD player on which to play them.....

I was debating about buying this before Christmas in Big Lots.........
 It was $70 and did everything that I wanted it to do.........

Turntable, cassette player ( yes, I do still have a few of those), AM and FM Radio, CD player and MP3 player jack
I did not want the behemoth speakers like the other one had that made the house shake even when turned down to 1 on the Volume dial.........

After Christmas, I had a coupon for $15 off of $75 so , that made up my mind..........

I bought 2 more things to hit the $75 and walked away with this sweet little nostalgic Stereo system for a mere $56.45!!!!!
Joe loves it because he is able to tune in to his Radio station for his hockey games!!!

Now I am on the search for a table or shelf for the Living Room to put it on!!


I wanted to be more Mobile in the house when on the internet .......

Much to all of your surprise, is the fact that I have only a basic phone.....

It rings....

I answer........

That is it !

No texting, not even Voice mail, no internet, no bells and whistles,........just a basic phone!!

I do NOT want to be available to people 24 hours a day and I do not have time to constantly be using it other than be talking on it!!  Only my immediate family and a few close friends have my cell phone number.....


I did want to be more mobile at home and not stuck out in the Den on the desk top computer out there.

I had my son's old lap top but that was ready for the bone yard so I started saving up my money.........

I have a separate checking account that is just for me that I use it for my now On Hold Craft Business. I also have money from each pay deposited in it so I have play money.

My oldest son is an IT specialist and deals a lot with Dell.

So on Cyber Monday I saw an ad on the Dell site for a lap top that looked like what I was looking for......

I had my son check it out and when he felt it was good for what I wanted, he ordered it for me.......
So this is my Christmas present to myself!!

Joe and I stopped buying each other presents several years ago......

We buy what we want through out the year.....
It is light weight and is perfect for a second computer........

At $170 off the original price, I only paid $242 with tax for this baby!!

Then I went online hunting for a lap desk to use when on the lap top and I found one that I liked on the Best Buy site......
I like to use a  mouse rather than the touch pad for the lap top and this had mouse pads and a wrist rest which I need with my carpal tunnel.....

It was on sale at the local Best Buy for $20!!
Perfect for me and there are 2 zippered pockets underneath it for storage!!

Notice that I am returning your visits and comments faster.......

This is why!!!

While making our Christmas cookies, my cheap mixer broke!

It kept spitting out the beaters so I had to finish the last batter by mixing it by hand.

Could not lift my arms the next day!!!

I was not going to spend several hundred dollars on mixer when I bake once a year ....maybe twice a year.....

So I looked online and found this ...
I read the 4 star reviews, shopped for the cheapest price which was online at WalMart for $90.

But if I ordered it in the bright tangarine orange color, it was only $79 with Free Shipping!!
 Like I said, I use it maybe twice a year so it is packed away in a closet where no one ever sees it so who cares that it is bright orange!!

I saved an additional $11........

Here are some features......
 I compared this mixer to a very popular brand that I will not mention here but costs $299.

Popular Brand                                                                                          My New Mixer
325 Watts                                                                                                 350 Watts
10 Speed                                                                                                   12 Speed
5 qt. stainless Steel Bowl                                                          4.6 Quart Stainless Steel Bowl
Die Cast Metal                                                                                         Die Cast Metal
Bread Hooks                                                                                          Bread Hooks
$299                                                                                                        $79

I thought the decision was pretty much a No Brainer, don't you??????  
I will be trying it out soon , making some Chocolate Chip cookies for the Boys.....

Next up is something I bought from Amazon using a Gift Card from my oldest Son......
I always joked that because of burning my fingers using a Glue Gun, I have no finger prints.....


Don't laugh!!  Truth be told when the Hospital System that I work for switched over to Fingerprint Recognition for both the computerized Medication Dispensing System and our new computerized Time Card System, it would only recognize my thumb print and NOT the prints from the rest of my fingers!!!!!!

This did draw some raised eyebrows until I said "Glue Gun"!!!

So I found this Hot Glue Gun Helpers Kit........

It contains the nice pink pad in the previous picture to place your glue gun on and all these Doo Dads to use including Finger Thingies to protect yourself from getting burned!!!
 You can also buy extra Finger thingies!!

I also bought Season 4 of Downton Abbey with this Gift Card.

I have 4 Seasons of Downton Abbey on DVD and have only  made time to watch the first Season a few years back......

This is on my To Do List for 2015----Watch all my Downton Abbey DVD's......

I still have Christmas up because I keep it up until the Feast of the 3 Kings or Epiphany which was several days ago.....

But we have had temps. in the single digits here and I have been working so I was not going to go up into my freezing attic to haul down boxes to start to un-decorate.......

So the last few days during the few hours that I am actually awake while at home on my days that I work ( remember I work full time night shift), I chose to honor my One Little Word for 2015!!

 I chose to LIVE!!!!!

If you missed this post, please click HERE ......

I stayed in my nice cuddly warm jammies, watched my favorite TV shows that I record on my 3 DVR's ( yes, I am a TV addict!) and used my new lap top to catch up on my return visits to you!!!!!

I chose to stop stressing, RELAX and enjoy my life at that particular moment!!

I am no longer on anyone else's Time Schedule but MINE!!

I have also been noticing this mind set in some posts that I have been reading in Blog land. And I have noticed that some linky parties are now ending......

Maybe Bloggers are getting fed up with the Rat Race that Blogging has become and we are choosing to go back to a more friendly and slower way of Blogging!!

One can only Hope!!

I do want to say that I receive NO COMPENSATION from anyone when I mention the names of products or stores.

So until my next post, I will see you all when I see you!!!

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