A NEW DEBBIE-DABBLE: I Will Be Back BUT Things Will Be Different!!

Hello, Blogging Friends!!

I will be back.........


Things will be different here on Debbie-Dabble and over on my Christmas Blog, A Debbie-Dabble Christmas!!

I have noticed over the past 1-2 years that many bloggers who started blogging 4-5 years ago when I did, are changing how they blog or leaving blogging completely.

The Blog World is VERY different from when I first started and I am not happy with how it has changed......

Recently, my Bloggy Friend, Dawn over at We Call It Junkin decided to change how she blogs.

In her post,

Changes and Final HHLP

This is one thing that she wrote:

Wanted: More Fun

So!  With all that said, I’ve decided to change my focus here at WCIJ from building a business to blogging more for fun.
  • I’ll only write when I want to (not because my schedule says it’s a “publish day”),
  • I’m not going to worry about joining 15 link parties per week and updating social media every day because that’s what “they” say you have to do.    (I was never good at that anyway, as my social media followers who never hear from me can attest!)
  • I won’t obsess over how many subscribers I have or how much traffic WCIJ is getting
  • No more applying for sponsored posts and new affiliates (I am going to keep a few affiliates over there –> that don’t take any of my time and have products I like and recommend)
  • I’ll no longer feel like I’m chained to the calendar

Just to think how freeing it will be!

I TOTALLY agree with Dawn!!

I too want more FUN!!


I have decided to cut back......way back..... on the amount of parties that I link up to.

Now , no offense to any hostesses , but I will chose the parties that appeal to me based on visits to my blog from hostesses, size of the party ( I prefer smaller parties) and content .

I understand that when a hostess runs a linky party where there are over 400-500 links, it is pretty much impossible to visit all who link up. And there are some parties that I have linked up to where I have NEVER heard once from the Hostess!!  BUT that party, to me, then loses the personal aspect of Blogging. When a hostess takes the time to visit to me, she is extending the hand of friendship and that means more to me than anything!

Also, I am choosing my linky parties according to content. I HATE to cook and do NOT care or even bother to look at recipes in any manner, shape or form!!  LOL!!
Again, no offense to anyone!  BUT I sure do love to decorate so I will be choosing what parties I link up to based on their content ......... Makes sense , right???

Yes, I do have a Hometalk site, a Pinterest site and a Facebook Debbie-Dabble page........Yes, I had let myself be drawn into the social media craze of Blogging.  But for what reason, I asked myself?????
I realized it was to stroke my own EGO!!!!  Meaning a way to get more hits and more comments......

But I will keep my Hometalk page but only post on Hometalk if I have time to do so.  I will keep my Pinterest site because I use that site as a personal reference.  And my Debbie-Dabble Facebook page and my Google + page as  links back to my blog and I also use these sites to share links to other sites and posts that interest me. I do have a very private Facebook page but that is only for a few people. I have already had my Facebook page hacked in the past so I am very wary!!

Yes, I do like to see new followers but not from a "Number" aspect but from the mind set of making new friends so I will no longer pay much attention to the "Numbers" of my Followers but I will pay more attention to my Followers, themselves!!  So please tell me if you choose the follow Debbie-Dabble because I would like to get to know you!!

I was never into Blogging for any type of monetary reasons even though truth be told, I originally started to blog because I had planned to return to selling my crafts on Ebay which never happened!!!  I HATE all the advertisements on Blogs and the Pop Ups are so annoying BUT I do understand that some bloggers NEED to do this as a much needed source of income.  BUT some are just out for the fame and fortune which is a total Turn Off for me!!

I will post when I have time to and Not because I feel that I should post something..... anything........just to post.....

These Blogging changes are just a few of the changes that I am making in my own Life!

I needed to take a Blog Break because I had gotten myself involved in WAY TOO MANY THINGS and it was making me ill ( IBS, Elevated BP and Migraines) and the stress was killing me!

I have now started on a path to make my Life easier........

The first thing I did was to pull out as a Vendor of the Craft Fair that I run for our church!!!!   Instant Relief!! Huge Weight lifted off my shoulders!!  Now I can be at the Craft Fair, which is a 2 day event, and enjoy myself , visit with the vendors, sit and relax and put out any "fires" that may arise without having to worry about my own booth.  I will not be a Craft Vendor for the next 2 years at least or until Joe is retired and I am part time.  Then it will be easier for the 2 of us.

I will no longer be a Hostess at our church's Harvest Tea.  It is too labor intensive for both Joe and I .   But I will have a get together for our friends at our home.........  Much Easier!!

I will not be in charge of our Church's Flea Market. Again, too labor intensive for both Joe and I.  We both have back issues and we both need to still work for several years so we can not take the chance of getting hurt at an event outside of work.  Even though , should I get hurt lifting a patient at work, I would still be considered to have a pre-existing condition and I would NOT be eligible for Workman's Comp........Imagine that.......

So with these changes in my Life and in my Blogging Style, I hope to get a handle on my Life again......

I do LOVE Blogging but it is the people I have met and the friends that I have made that fosters that Love for Blogging!!

Many of you who visit here know that I pick a Word for each year......... this year, I may be picking a few Choice Words!!!

See you all soon as I will be posting over on my Christmas blog, A Debbie-Dabble Christmas , for the Holiday Season  and THANKS so much to those who stopped by and wished me well!
It was much appreciated!!!


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