Luster Ware Collection and the Stegmaier Mansion!

I hope Everyone had a wonderful Holiday weekend!!
Our was quiet with only our one son visiting ( the other had plans) and I had to work Sunday night. You know that hospitals don't get to close for the holidays!!

Caution: LONG POST jam packed with lots of stuff!!

In my attempt at getting some free time , I am linking up to several parties for the week with this one post. So sit back and grab a cuppa!!!
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Please visit as many as you can who are participating in these terrific parties. I know that we are all so busy in the summer and I will try to make my rounds through out the week!!

First up is a wreath I made for all of the Patriotic Holidays through out the summer.
I have it in my space at Lark Mountain Market Place.
Yesterday , I set up another blog,
ELEGANT CREATIONS BY DEBBIE, to showcase my "shop", any new items that I will be making , Craft Fairs I will be participating in as a vendor and hopefully soon, my return to Ebay.
Please stop by my new blog and take a peek and maybe Follow Me over there!!

Using the new designer templates was not as bad as I thought it would be!!!!

Lark Mountain Market Place

I have mentioned that I collect "Made in Japan " Luster Ware

When I visited the Market Place last week to add some new items to my "shop", my eye was caught the most unusual item!!!

Yes, that is an elephant tea pot!!!!

I had to buy it, even though $15 is more than I would normally pay but I thought where and when would I ever be able to find another Luster Ware Elephant Tea Pot!!!!!!

Isn't she a beauty!!

So unique!!

In my little tea setting, I used some of my other pieces which I have picked up over several years at yard sales and flea markets

The tea cups are demitasse cups
I think you can see me in the reflection off this vase!!

Most items were only a buck or two.....

And check out this Oil and Vinegar Set...

And my vintage tablecloth was also a flea market treasure......

Oops!! Should have ironed it!!!

Now , where do I keep all of my Luster Ware?????
This is what you see as you are walking upstairs

Yep, it is in my upstairs hallway!!

And another little table .....

Next, I want to send out big CONGRATS to our friend, Joe Matteo, who is owner and proprietor of the Frederick Stegmaier Mansion in Wilkes Barre, Pa.
For the second time this year, The Stegmaier Mansion has graced the pages of Victorian Homes Magazine!!!!
And this time, MADE THE COVER!!!!!

I belong to the Victorian Friendship Society and we have some of our meetings in the Stegmaier Mansion!!
The room on the cover is the Ladies Parlor.

Joe Matteo has meticulously restored the mansion creating a Gilded Mansion in the likes of the mansions in Newport, Conn.

The article is about his attention to detail.... Please take note of the border around this sweet cameo.....

The article also mentions how he used borders from Lowe's and other places that were on clearance!!

I have been there several times and still I have seen things depicted in the photos of the magazine that I did not notice while I was there!!!

Below is the Library where we hold our meetings. Joe has just finished it....
The stained glass windows in the mansion are exquisite!!!

If you want to learn more about the mansion and see the article on it from the Feb. issue of Victorian homes , please go to
The mansion is a B&B!!!!!!

If you would like to see my own personal photos of the mansion, Click HERE

Now, we have replaced out attic pull down 3 times in 23 years years. All of my decorations are stored up there. The first time the spring broke and almost impaled our dog on the bed. The second time the hinge broke and the door would not close, had to hold it closed with a 2x4!!
About 3 (maybe 4 or 5) years ago, we had them replaced again! The guys who did it never came back to finish the moulding around it and being the Carpenter's daughter that I am, I said to Hubby Joe that we could do it ourselves after this long a period of time.
Joe is terrific but handy he is not!!

But we did it!

Now on the last attic stairs, I had wanted to do a little something to dress it up . Right after I did it, they broke.
So this week, I again repeated the process!

Now I know it is no work of art and it is in my bedroom but I got so tired of seeing this huge trap door on the ceiling

Remember the border in the Stegmaier.....
Yep, same one!
I bought it on clearance several years ago at Michael's!!!!

And then I used the trim on the border to trim around the moulding...

It looks better than a huge wood door on the ceiling!!

Next up is a little beauty that I got at a Flea Market. She now lives in my Guest Room!

And last is a terra cotta urn that I had no idea what I was going to do with until I placed my sun dial on it!! It was another flea market find!

Whew!! That is it for the week now until Pink Saturday!!

Thanks for stopping by today and every day that you take the time to visit me!!

Many Hugs,

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