Birds & other Critters, Purses, Hot Dogs, A Sunset and Me- Just for Fun!!!

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  Okay, I thought I would do a post of a lot of things that are just for fun!

Animals and Birds in my Yard........

A Butterfly in my front yard.....
Joe ran for the camera when he saw the bunny outside our front door as he was leaving for work one morning.......

Taken through the storm door......
A bit better......
I got this guy on our back roof!!!
And another one in the bird bath!!
And now for the Birds!!
Lots of Birds!
Check out the one in the top flower!
Blue Jays....
See him in the tree????
 We have Morning Doves again!!
They built their nest in my hanging pot one more time.... 
 2 Eggs!!!!!

 And now Babies.......
 Did you see them?????
Their eyes are not open yet!!
So sweet!!
Feeding them, taken from inside the house.....

Please click HERE to see the first video of the new babies on Facebook!!

Look at what I bought???
When we did hot dogs on a griller for the Craft Fair at Church, people loved them so I looked to see if I could buy one for home......
I ordered this one from Bed, Bath and Beyond ( they do not stock them in the stores).
It was only $31 after the $10 coupon and shipping.....
A Bun Warmer on top!!
I invited the kids over last Sunday to try it out and 5 of us went through 16 hot dogs!!!

 I guess you could say they liked the hot dogs done on the griller!!

And then I saw this in the Sam's Club circular!!
 A matching Microwave from Nostalgia Electrics for $99!!!
 Had to get it because my old red one died and I was going to use a white one that I had and paint the inside of the cabinet where the microwave fits in red instead......
 So glad that I didn't!!
 I think it stands out much better against the white.....
  I do like this better and it saved me the time from painting!!

 The front reminds me of a 1950's TV Set!!

Last weekend was our 3 day Parish Festival.  In this area, these are some of the favorite ethnic Polish foods served.
 The noodles are Cabbage & Noodles or Halushi....
A Potato Pancake.....
And a Piggie or cabbage roll, also known as Halupki!!

Also on the menu was Porketta Sandwiches, Red and White Pizza( Sicilian Style), Pierogies, Cheese Steak Hoagies, Sausage and Pepper Hoagies, Hot Dogs, French Fries, Pizza Frita or fried dough topped with sugar, Strawberry Shortcake with whipped cream and Brownies with Ice Cream!!

Have I made you hungry yet????  LOL!!

Some pictures of the back yard....


 Did you know that I LOVE purses and get all mine for FREE!!!!!!
These are some of the purses that I recently have acquired......
Joe cashes in his Comp points from the Casino and gets me purses at one of the stores there.......

I guess their are not REALLY???? Free but I don't have to pay for them!!

Love this one that I got for the Fall!
I already have a red one very similar with a lady on it.....

This one he got without me.....
It will also be for the Fall....
This one I am using now......
This one I used before the black one......
And I just love this one!!
I do love purses and big ones at that!! I carry a lot of stuff!

They range from $35 to $180 in price, which I would NEVER pay for a purse!!

  My friend, Cindy over at Creations by Cindy did this cute post and I thought I would answer the Questions and show you hers........

Here is Cindy's post!!

Let's Talk Thursday

It has truly been fun getting to know other blogger's and even things about our own friends that we didn't really know! So with that being said...let's do it again!

So today is called "Getting to Know You" and I am going to spotlight one blog this week for you to pop over and take a peek at!

 Web Image
I will ask the questions and give you my answers and then you simply reply with your answer. Fun way to get to know others.
1: What has been the most embarassing moment for you (so far) in life?
2: What was your favorite song as a teenager? (If you can remember) LOL!
3:  What is your favorite season? Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall?
4: What is your favorite type of shoe to wear:
A: Flats of any kind
B: Flip flops
C: High heels
D: Shoes with some height but not tall
5: If you could only pick one place to live would it be at the beach or in the mountains?
6: What movie genre are you usually drawn too?
A: Comedy
B: Romance
C: Action
D: Horror
E: Documentaries or foreign films
7: Favorite food dish?
Only 7 questions for today so let us hear your answers....
Here's mine:
1: I came out of the restroom of a restaurant with toilet paper hanging from my pants!
2: One that comes to mind is "I wanna hold your hand" by the Beatles.
3: Well in Florida the answer would be none! Too hot all year to me. But my answer would be Fall.
4: Shoes with some height but not tall.
5: Awe...the mountains 
6: Romance 
7: Fried chicken, hands up! 

End of Cindy's post.......

 Okay, here are my answers and I have taken the liberty of sharing a Sunset that I get to watch from my Front Porch!!
  Now these are Debbie-Dabble's answers:
1.While I was in high school. I split my bathing suit bottom of my bikini( yes, I was able to wear a bikini in high school) after getting it caught on one of the metal sections around the top of the pool that we used to sit on. I was at my best friend's house with her 4 brothers in the pool and had to back up the ladder until she could wrap a towel around me!! 
 2. Lady by Styx..... It is our song... Joe's and mine..... Every time I got in the car he had it playing in the 8 track player for me!! 
3. Fall, hands down!! Love the cool air and the turning of the leaves!!  Next is Winter!! Yes, Winter!! I am not a lover of heat in the Summer!!
4. My favorite kind, if I could still wear them ,would be C. high heels but unfortunately, arthritis has stopped me from wearing those so I wear mostly Easy Spirits and Clark's. Shocker but all my shoes are back less!! I do not own ANY shoes that have backs!!
5. 20 years ago, it would have been the Beach but now because of Sun Sensitivity caused by medications for high Blood Pressure, it would be the Mountains and I do live in the Pocono Mountain region now and always have!!  I could not live where there were no Mountains!! I would move north rather than south for cooler temps!
6. Movies..... that is hard because I am drawn to Sophisicated Smart Psycho Thriller type movies and shows but I also am a Sci Fi fan too!! I am not too keen on Romantic Movies.....except for Dirty Dancing , Grease, Notting Hill , Pretty Woman and You've Got Mail!
7. Any type of PASTA!!!!!  I was raised with a lot of Italian friends and ate at their Nonny's houses where homemade pasta was served by their grandmother's who still spoke only Italian!!

Stop by and say Hi to Cindy........

Wasn't that some Sunset???????

And I get to watch that every evening from my front porch!! 

I hope you liked my Just for Fun post.......

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